apple introduced an updated suite of MAC computers at a conference for developers in San Francisco,As it made a renewed push to use the iphone and idApple在旧金山举行,因此该公司利用iphone和iPad带来的光环效应,加大了力度,让IPAD用户转向更便宜的计算机硬件产品。(威廉莎士比亚、iphones、ipad、ipad、ipad、ipad、ipad、ipad)A new MacBook Pro notebook,touting thinner casing and the same retingsurfing the web can be like experiencing magazine-like quality、said Phil Schiller、head of product marketing、describing the neeting苹果产品营销总监菲利普锡Schiller在描述新的MacBook Pro时表示,如果想在该产品上上网,就必须体验与杂志相同的质感。他说Macbook Pro比他的手指还厚。


指出该电脑售价为2200美元,面向专业市场。仍然有人指责苹果将更多的精力投入大众市场,放弃了专业市场。Sir Jonathan Ive、apples recently knighted head of design、said : its without doubt the very best computer wever built。

最近获得爵士头衔的苹果设计Existing models of other macbooks were also given upgraded Intel processors,extra storage and more memory . macbook现有的其他型号也升级了Intel(AHEAD of the Release of Microsofts Windows苹果公司此次大力宣传新设备,是期待微软在发布Windows 8之前,向不想转换为Mac操作系统的用户销售更多价格超过1000美元的电脑。customers who buy a new MAC will be eligible for an upgrade to The new mountain lion operating system when it is released la ter this year . at The ann un L wool名为山狮(Mountain Lion)的新操作系统将从今年年底开始销售,目前销售新Mac的客户预计将升级到新系统。

在旧金山举行的此次年度全球开发者大会上,苹果公司详细介绍了该桌面操作系统和应用于iPad和iphone的下一代移动操作系统iPad 6。appstore which suggested the rate of growth is accelerating的apple also issued new figures,As more ipads and iphones are sold and the store is extent苹果也发表了appstt,数据显示,IPAD和IPhone销售额迅速增长,应用商店更加国际化,目前覆盖155个国家,适用于ITONES商店的速度正在放缓。


应用商店从2008年年中开始,用户已经向开发者缴纳了50亿美元以上(其中开发者占70%,苹果占30%)。There are 650,000 apps available in the app store、up from 600,000 in April和of which 225,000 are dedicated to the ipad.app中的22 . 5万个已应用于专业ipad开发Apple unveiled the new technology to whoops and cheers from adoring developers . ahead of the keynote,Apple poked fun at rival Samsung with its voote在发表苹果主题演讲之前,苹果以语音控制服务Siri,开玩笑说竞争对手三星(Samsung)。