We are paying for things in new waysthat much is clear . were paying for taxi rides using our Uber app,checking out personally tailored offers on Facebook,And downloading films我们正在使用新的支付方式,这已经很明显了。我们不用用微信应用程序向Uber缴纳出租车费,在Facebook上进行个人定制产品结算,将电影ITunes带到我们亚马逊Kindle平板电脑上——,从钱包里取出塑料信用卡。

(阿尔伯特爱因斯坦,Northern Exposure(美国电视连续剧),电影名言)现在尼克奥托诺特必须确保美国运通在所有交易中占据中心地位。at the mobile-first summit in new York,I sat down with the chief executive to discuss the future of mobile payments . below is a condensed version of《财富》: what is the scope of the mobile opportunity for American?《财富》:在移动领域,美国运通的机会有多大?Chenault : mobile is redefining both online and offline commerce . the penetration of m-commerce in e-commerce was around 0.09% An one percess.]。by 2017,its projected to be at 26%和thand移动商务在电子商务中所占的比例约为0.09%(编者注:也就是说,只有约1%的电子商务是通过移动设备完成的)。但预计2017年这一比例将超过26%,这只是电子商务领域的渗透程度。

thats just e-commerce . when will we stop breaking it out and talk simply about commerce?这只是关于电子商务。什么时候我们还能区分电子或非电子商务,把它们都当成商业呢?(威廉莎士比亚、电子商务、电子商务、电子商务、电子商务、电子商务)Whats happening is a gigantic opportunity . Mobile will redefine how commerce is done . Steve job you now have the ability to connect with companies that can drive that scale . clearly there are five platforms that will play an important role and Very 史蒂夫乔布斯重新定义了零售体验。


更多的初创企业不会与这些服务企业合作,这样很快就能扩大自己的规模。how does the competitive landscape change?竞争格局是否会再次保持不变?I think its important to understand the payments industry and commerce is going through fundamental change . you are seeing a blurring of commerce Mobile我指出,理解缴纳业和商业将发生巨大变化是最重要的。




我们就是其中之一。ill give you one example of how payments has changed 3360 Uber has changed payments . infra structure hasnt changed at all,But the experience is你也不说已经缴费了。

(阿尔伯特爱因斯坦,经验名言)We have the largest integrated global payments platform . We bring together users,card members,and merchants,ann我们享有第二个统一的全球支付平台。我们把用户、持卡人和商人聚集在一起,他们的数据具有无与伦比的价值。我们告诉他们在哪里开始在线和离线消费。

无论持卡人期望在何时、何地、以何种方式获得我们获得的优惠和服务,我们都期待能满足他们的市场需求。Lets talkabout uber.i use it,and just noticed this morning that when I pulled up Google maps to get directions to this venue,The app offered me我用了它今天早上,您可以使用谷歌地图导航系统到这个会场,找到谷歌地图,然后自由选择Uber。


这对快车是好的,还是害怕的?for us its a good thing because at the end of the day we have a well-known and trusted brand.heres not much of a difference between saying I wanng O be the first card in the wallet And saying I want to have amex as my default option . what is critical
so youre talking about the difference between the transaction and what you call the journey . whats involved in that journey?所以你说的是交易和你说的“过程”的差异。过程中包括什么?heres whats key . if we look at How mobile devices are used,People who use mobile devices in the shoppers journey are 40% more likely to convert.o be where our customers are . we want to deliver them benefits in the way they want to have those benefits presented to them . it goes back to a key Sage I givite我们可以观察移动设备的使用情况,购物过程中使用移动设备的客户销售东西的可能性不会增加40%。



part of that is looking beyond the trends to understand systematic change . were digitAl wallets a fad?In 2011,companies like Google and square launched them . in 2014,many of those efforts havent worked and are being retried . are digs秘诀之一是考虑鸟类的方向数字钱包流行过吗?2011年谷歌和Square等公司宣布了这一功能。到2014年,这方面的很多希望都没有效果,人们还在大尝试。数字钱包是否已宣布死亡?I dont think theyre dead,but if you go back to what I said publicly in 2011,I did nt think these wallets met a value proposition . im going to whattwhat are the benefits that im getting?how is that helping me in my shopping journey?At the end of the day,the failure of wallets was not being focused enough on customer needs触摸屏支付吗?这确实能解决什么难题?我能得到什么?购物过程中它给了我什么帮助?总而言之,数字钱包的结束是没有集中精力解决问题消费者的市场需求。

but you think some efforts have worked?但是你指出有些希望已经有效了吗?we acquired a platform called revolution money in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis . it is a very flexible alternative payments platform Aid youre paying $ 300 a year to use your own money . with checking account People are paying several hundred dollars a year if they dont have a minimum bar 我们在2009年金融危机旺季收购了一家名为Revolution Money的平台。这是一个非常灵活、有多种选择的支付平台。




we made further changes to the functionality of the platform So you can do anything you want-pay bills,do peer-to-peer-pant with我们进一步改善了平台功能,使每个人都能做到想要的一切,在公司里,我们总结出了穷人代价相当大的规律。但是我们可以开发一个模型,这样我们就不用一个月花14.95美元在预付卡上了。你可以和我们合作,一个月只付一美元就能享受更好的服务。

peer-to-peer payments : how important is the capability?点对点支付:这个功能有多重要?Its very important,But whats critical is that you have got to connect peer-to-peer payments with a range of services that meet a variety of needs .最重要的是,必须将点对点支付与满足各种市场要求的多种服务相关联。作为单一服务,它很难给你带来可观的利润。


这是一个很大的机会。youve done creative things with the amex loyalty program like recently making it possible for people to pay for a new York city cab ride with points.就像最近人们可以在纽约用分数打车一样,你在快车的忠诚度项目上有很多创意。

(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,信不信由你)你知道人们在使用这项服务吗?是的!It is frictionless,and once people use it,80% of the them return。没错!这个服务很方便一起使用,人们使用一次的话,80%会再使用。(audience member : im worried its a bad deal,that the points can be used better elsewhere)。

) (一位听众表示:“这笔交易不划算,可能会花更多的分数。”heres what youre missing . do you want to only use those points for airlines?People have said,I want choice and convenience . if you just say for every dollar theres one point,people want a wide variety of choices你把那些分数放到飞机上人们这样说。”我想做很多自由选择。而且我想安心。