本文摘要:films and TV shows are already effective at tugging our heart strings or putting us on the edge of our seats。


films and TV shows are already effective at tugging our heart strings or putting us on the edge of our seats。电影和电视节目已经让我们的心弦响彻云霄,让我们在座位上看起来像喝醉了一样。But new technology could be about to make the small screen a great deal more immersive。

但是新技术不会让看电视的人更投入。researchers are developing ways of gene rating emotions through the sense of touch,smell and taste that could lead to what the designers are callel研究人员解释说,当今尖端设备的3D电视应使平面图像具有深度和广度,使之栩栩如生,Instead,The team based at The university of Sussex in Brighton is developing a system that uses bursts of air to stimulate无视,在英国布赖顿苏塞克斯大学工作的一个团队正在研究一个系统,该系统通过旋风使手掌的防卫性刺激其他神经,使用户产生各种情绪。separate regions of The hand have been linked with gene rating certain emotions-although The emotion triggered can depend on The location and foon例如,尽管有引起不同接触方向和力量的感情,但手的其他领域已经与产生特定感情相关联。

the device being developed in Brighton,built by electronics firm ultra haptics,Takes advantage of this research to touch hands in a way thay这是超触觉电子公司生产的在布赖顿开发的设备,该研究在一定程度上需要触摸手来表达从幸福和悲伤到兴奋或恐惧等多种感情。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视连续剧),幸福)It works By using ultrasound speakers to produce a flow of air that can be transmitted to a perroduce我坚信,如果设备对电视做出反应,用户看电视时会上市更多。the group is now starting to develop similar technology that exploits our sense of smell and taste。

这个团队现在开始研究需要开发我们嗅觉和味觉的类似技术。the result would be a 9d TV that combines vision,sound,touch,smell and the five tastes-sweet,salty,sour,bitter asearly research by her team has shown that taste can be used to convey certain experiences。

该小组早期的研究表明,味觉经常需要表达某些经验。participants in a trial study experienced sweet tastes as being smooth or round while sour was more spikey。

参与实验研究的人体验到甜味更稳定或更圆,酸味更好Similarly,her group found it could establish smell stories for participants by finding smells they associated with partitiesdr obr ist and her colleagues presented details of their ultra haptics device to the annual computer human interface conference in south Korea . o . ss她回答说,通过9维电视或味道,她可以迅速构建引人注目的多层媒体体验,如引起感情的电脑游戏。while the first four senses are already well established or emerging,I am particularly intrigued by the potential of taste and exploiting the tab前四种感官体验已经开发得很好,但对味觉的潜力很感兴趣,分别是Longer term、We Will Be Exploring how Multi-sensory Experiences Can Benefit People with Sensory Impairments和Including以后我们不会研究如何利用多感官经验来教育有感官病变的人。She said the technology could even be used to send emotions via mobile devices like smart phones。