apple Could Soon Revolutionize How People Spend Time on the road。苹果可能不会很快开始人们在路上如何在时间上喝醉的革命。the firm has filed a patent that describes how passengers in autonomous vehicles could pass the time with VR headsets。

最近,该公司让乘客访问The headsets would allow passengers to play games or create a relaxing environment while on their journey。该设备允许乘客在旅途中玩游戏或创造开放的环境。

apple also suggests future cars could lack windows,instead using interior screens along side VR head sets to display virtual surroundings.virtual images could be synchronized with the movement of the car。this could also help combat motion sickness,apple claimed。

虚拟世界画面可以与车辆一起使用Substituting windows for screens will also save money and improve safety。如果想用屏幕替换窗口,就要降低成本,提高安全性。despite a statement from last year claiming apple is not developing its own vehicles,it seems to be speeding ahead with its self-driving proprov。