the consumer tech market place offers a range of pad-based charging systems that require contact between smart phone and charging mechanism.However,is to create a wireless in-room network,muchlike wi-fi,that instantly charges devices when youre in range。消费者技术然而,人们仍然梦想建立Wi-Fi等室内无线系统,能够在有限的范围内大幅扩展设备电池。A San Jose-based company called energo us is busy creating watt up,A wire-free charging system that can power gadgets up to 15 feet away using公司期待最早明年,WaltUp能够映射从智能手机到玩具的各种设备。arriving even sooner is the XE from techno vator,A company out of Poland and uk raine . the XE is A tower that communicates via electro magnetic resourceTechNovator将于11月销售Iphone 6和Iphone 6 but while the xe tower is impossible to ignore。

u beam is aiming for a base station that is all but invisible and takes the form of a wafer-thin ceiling tile . and while initially u beam may use Hone covererXE无线塔不容忽视,但uBeam致力于建立一个看不见的基站。看起来像薄天花板瓷砖。首先,uBeam可能会用智能手机传输能源,但根据uBeam创始人Meredith Perry的说法,最终可能需要将芯片映射到手机上。


the Santa Monica-based start-up has raised $ 23.2 million from the likes of mark Cuban,Maris sa Mayer and super-agent ari Emanuel。圣塔莫尼卡的初创企业已经对Mark Cuban、Marissa Mayer和超级经理arier来说,她的技术仍然是个谜,但Perry仍然固执于消除电池线路的无线充电幻想。Perry is one of four guests at USA todays change agents live event sept . 29 in San Francisco . Perry是将于9月29日在圣弗朗西斯科举行的今天美国变化代理直播活动中的四名成员之一。